Active-Link Simplifies the Process of Chyme Recycling

Our award-winning, patented technology, Active-Link, makes chyme recycling more efficient and clean.

Three Innovative Components

The Feeding Tube

The Pump

The Driver

Assisting With Recovery From Gut Surgery

Active-Link is an innovative medical device used to assist with recovery in patients who have an enterocutaneous fistula or a loop ileostomy.

It utilises the concept of chyme reinfusion to pump the fluid from within the ostomy bag back into the gut through the distal stoma.

Pump directly from the bag

The pump sits dormant within the bag as it fills with chyme. Only when the driver is magnetically coupled to the pump, across the bag, does the pump activate.

Into the lower gut

When the pump is activated, chyme is moved by the pump, through the feeding tube where it feeds through the distal stoma or fistula so it can be absorbed by the body.

Additional Features

Multiple Power Settings

The pump has 5 power settings that can be used to accomodate different viscosities of chyme


Over a week's worth of charge before it simply needs recharging


Easily fit the driver into a backpack or handbag to use when the patient needs intermittently

Works with any stoma or fistula bag

Making it easier to use and accessible to all patients

Our Clinical Partners

We work with hospitals globally and are always interested in working with forward-thinking doctors looking to push the boundaries of colorectal care. If you are interested in partnering for a clinical trial or hearing from us when we are commercially ready please reach out to us.

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