About Active-Link

What exactly is Active-Link

Active-Link is a medical device used to assist with recovery from gut surgery for patients who have received a loop ileostomy or side-by-side double barrell stoma.

It utilises the concept of chyme reinfusion to pump the fluid from within the ostomy bag back into the gut through the distal stoma.

How often is Active-Link used?

Intermittently by the patient when they want to pump the contents of the bag into their gut. For example, every few hours, before they exercise, go to bed etc. However, every 2 to 3 hours seems the standard

How fast does the pump emtpy the contents of the bag?

This comes down to the volume of contents of the bag but 200mL of fluid will generally be pumped in 1-2 minutes

Is this available for children?

Currently Active-Link is not available for those under 16 years of age. Watch this space.

How does viscosity effect the pumps ability for reinfusion?

The pump has 5 power settings that can be used to accomodate different viscosities of chyme.

Active-Link Development Stage

Does this have regulatory approval?

Active-Link is currently going through FDA and CE clearances and is classed as a class II-B medical device.

Are you looking for clinical partners?

If you would like to partner with Surgical Design Studio for a clinical trial, please contact sales@surgicaldesignstudio.com and we would be happy to talk to you about this.

How much does Active-Link cost?

Please contact Surgical Design Studio at sales@surgicaldesignstudio.com for any pricing enquiries